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Winter season bus timetables

serving the whole valley

This season’s bus timetables are now available, giving details of the routes along the valley including the buses to and from Cluses and Thonon, and the specific shuttle services for each of the villages.

We are lucky to have the Montriond M-bis service running past our hamlet from 23rd December through to 31st March 2024, running from the centre of Montriond village up to Ardent telecabine, via Lac de Montriond. Like all the village shuttle services, these buses are free to use. The M-bis but stop in Le Lavanchy is 350m from Au Pied d’Hauto, about a 5 minute walk. The service runs once a hour, starting at 8.34 (first stop in Le Lavanchy) running until 17.45 (last departure from Ardent), and takes just under 10 minutes.

The bus timetables can be found here. A copy will also be available in Le Refuge for our guests.