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sunset Snow shoe adventures

sunset snow shoe walks with days away adventures

With a family group spanning three generations, from teens to octogenarians, we were looking for an experience that could be enjoyed all together, despite skiing no longer being an option for everyone.

The decision was to go for a sunset snow shoe walk, organised and guided by Viv from Days Away Adventures. The trip included being collected in the minibus, snow shoes, poles and head torches for everyone, as well as vin chaud and cake to keep everyone going.

The walk

On arrival at the starting point, everyone was provided with their equipment, and given some tips on walking in the snow shoes. Despite the entire group being novices, it took no time at all to get the hang of walking with the snow shoes on. We followed a route through the trees and through a little alpage up to the sunset vantage point, with Viv providing information along the way about the flora and fauna, and insights into the traditional mountain buildings and way of life. And as we got to the vantage point, the clouds parted just in time for us to have a wonderful view of mountain peaks and the setting sun, as well as a low cloud inversion.

After enjoying the views, as well as the vin chaud, hot chocolate and very tasty cake provided by Viv, everyone put on their head torches to continue our circular route back to our starting point. The torchlit walk was magical, winding through the trees, spotting animal tracks in the snow and seeing the new moon emerging above us.

Once back at the minibus, all the equipment was quickly stowed away, and we were shuttled back to Au Pied d’Hauto in time for dinner. The whole group loved the experience, the organisation, the views and the atmospheric walk back in the dark.

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